Архів теґу: Carlo Volpi

Carlo Volpi


Carlo Volpi born in a small town near Florence, he grew up amongst cones of yarn and knitting machines: both of his grandmothers worked for a very small knit factory in the village and from them he inherited the passion for his craft.

At The Royal College of Art he was selected as one of the 12 Texprint finalists and was awarded one of their prestigious prizes at Premiere Vision in Paris.

In 2014 Carlo founded his eponymous label: the same year he received an award sponsored by the Haberdashers’ and Framework Knitters companies that enabled him to set up a studio at Cockpit Arts. In 2015 Carlo was selected by Sara Maino, senior editor of Vogue Italia, to show his collection during Milan Fashion Week.6a00e55290e7c4883301bb07c8ed28970d-600wi


In 2016 Carlo was selected amongst one of the six finalists of the talent Scout competition “Who Is On Next”, promoted by Vogue Italia and Pitti Immagine, and won first prize.

Carlo’s work is characterised by a vibrant clash of colours and an eclectic mix of stitches and textures.Traditional hand crafted techniques are reinvented, updated and joyfully mixed with the latest fashion manufacturing technologies, creating exclusive and limited pieces. All of his work is produced in London and in Italy by himself and a small team of knitters.




“My point of reference is irreverence; I am interested in the  parameters we use  to define what we consider attractive or ugly. This is the right way to reach  a new ecstatic moment. Beauty to me conveys only a sense of  immobility, dullness and repetition. Ugliness  disobeys aesthetic standards and for this reason I recognize its ferment, creativity or innovation” – says Carlo Volpi.f


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