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Aristides Vanis


Aristides Vanis is London based Greek designer. Having background in theatrical costume and cinema, Aristides created unique and eye catching prints for clothes. Caricatures, animals and food was the main inspiration of his creations his 2014 graduate MA collection.Aristides-Vanis-2013-Graduate-Collection-3

Inge Jacobsen



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The best images from Paco Peregrín


Paco Peregrín is Spanish photographer, Visual Artist, Creative & Art Director. Paco’s style has earned him credibility as one of the most exciting and talented photographers working in advertising, beauty, art and fashion. He has won many grants and awards including a Gold Lux 2008 award (first place in the National Professional Photography Awards in Spain) in the ‘Fashion and Beauty’ category. His work is a part of important art collections and it has appeared in numerous books.22_07_2009_0628568001248251508_paco-peregrin


Paco Peregrín has also photographed and art-directed high-profile projects for global household names like Dior, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Adidas, Nike, Lee, Levi’S, etc.lily-cole-in-paco-peregrin-1339018536_b

Paco has published his photographs in major magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel, Vanity Fair, ELLE, etc. He has exhibited his work in galleries in New York, Paris, Barcelona, Beijing, Madrid, Berlin.Judith Bedard by Paco Peregrin fashion muro

"Time". Vision Magazine (China), December 2014 issue.

"Time". Vision Magazine (China), December 2014 issue.



Fusing hyper-real futurism with high-end beauty images, his work is defined by a marked character of hybridization of styles where come together the latest fashion trends and the most personal conceptual reflections, always providing to his images with a sensual, elegant and mysterious, even perturbing character, trying to interrelate the point of view of the traditional art spectator with the most generic public of the mass-media (text from http://www.pacoperegrin.com/about/).Neo2 (Spain). 2016.


paco peregrin_1

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Marta Wachholz + Pablo Picasso

вахпісассMarta Wachholz is one of the best Ukrainian designers. Marta’s FW 2017 preview photoes reminded me of a Picasso painting.  I don’t know why ))




1719181231853753_5437596399039907504_nThe fashion show of Marta Wachholz’s FW 2017 collection will be the final at Lviv Fashion Week, March 26

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Tire(d) Fashion by Mierswa-Kluska & Carl Elkins


Black shining tire twists around the pale and warrior like models creating ensembles with futuristic flare in surprisingly elegant silhouettes. The tread and pattern of the tires are exhibited in the designs of the fashion pieces by use of the product in an unusual way.





PHOTOGRAPHY Mierswa-Kluska

HAIR & MAKE-UP Susan Voss-Redfern María

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Thierry Mugler fashion sketches for Grand Show at Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin


The Grand Show “WYLD” at Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin was directed by Manfred Thierry Mugler – the scriptwriter, stage director, photographer and perfumer. He is also responsible for the creation of all costumes, and co-wrote the script with Roland Welke. This larger-than-life show was a cosmic love story: he is a young BMX rider who has his feet firmly planted on the ground, she is a fierce woman living at the top of the Berlin TV tower with her head in the clouds. This is the story of how two souls separated by an infinite distance, finally meet.


Thierry Mugler:

THE WYLD includes all Berlin’s positive vibrations: energy, modernity, timelessness and culture. These are the feelings that I wanted to share through my show, and I wanted it to be spectacular. The Palast is the only place where such a concept could take place, the only venue that could host such a project. The largest stage in the world for an other-worldly show.”fsp_the_wyld_aliens



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