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dbe40e1c78db81ae6e2a7354000c1eb5It was genious avertising campaign – Yves Saint Laurent S/S 1999 photographed by Mario Sorrenti. Sorrenti, inspired by greatest paintings, masterfully embodied their stories in photoes. He changed of color, added new characters, but he completely handed the style of the original sources.  gr-31

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Doug Abraham’s fashion ads collages

11079641_10155346669145261_6407161797975728634_nDoug Abraham, founder of the idiosyncratic jewelry and fashion line, creates surreal collages based on fashion imagery on his Instagram feed, @bessnyc4. He has gained a cult following in the fashion and art worlds for his image mashups on Instagram. Doug  has become a cult sensation with over 31,000 followers and a recent nomination for CFDA Instagrammer of the Year.20insta-haramis-slide-IWHF-tmagSF 2055f639ade653301edc98fd8b5e312a 1081365

The artist splices Dior and Prada, Givenchy and Versace, Céline and Moschino adverts with goth, fetish and bondage imagery, creating brilliantly nasty photo collages.  Abraham’s collages are often disfigured into wholly new creatures. Abraham’s magpie method works to establish meaningful correlations between entirely distinct images. Symbiotically repurposing subject, composition, and anatomy is a way for him to alter the narrative.10401705_405793576229288_223707240_n 10984238_10155346669050261_2976445779798438854_n 11045456_10155346669105261_2262452813077319975_n 11075022_10155346668865261_1419438846910482993_n 11076190_10155346668885261_970307234612255360_n 11096563_10155346669445261_9168658802355174696_n

Doug Abraham says:  “I felt like I’d seen all of the pictures that were cool.  Combining images with other images for me was a way to feel engaged. When I’m putting one kind of picture with another kind of picture, it’s definitely about the choices about one or the other. It becomes like another thing, an image having a conversation with another image. I think it was like trying to find a way to startle myself or to have some experience of a compelling moment of looking. I think it’s good when they have urgency to it.” (Dazed Magazine)  11096472_10155346669610261_8438400569435241513_n 11108951_10155346669070261_8234671845396080001_n 11666238_10155760771765261_1377005067011018729_n 11692620_10155760771620261_9160438307845771065_n 11692645_10155760771975261_272662576874075722_n 11700816_10155760771725261_3610632777706177487_n Triplets_Web_1000px61

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Кращі рекламні кампанії сезону осінь/зима 2015-2016

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Fashion monsters from Manon Kündig

Manon Kündig, 2012
Manon Kündig studied at l’Ecole d’Arts Appliqués de La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. Afterwards she entered the Fashion Department at the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, where she graduated with honour in 2012. Her work shows a fascination for the human kind in general, popular culture, passions of all sorts, craftsmanship, digital media and sarcasm. It is based on technical and practical research, which among others resulted in inflatable latex garments, hand-marbled silk, sculptural shoes and maniacal ornamentation. Manon Kundig

Manon has an ambiguous relation to fashion, driven to catharsis by the all girl collective LVMM, with which she performs in happenings. Their work deals with happiness and exposure, and blurs the relation between artist and public, stage and crowd.6a00d83451f3fc69e2017615820e1f970c-800wiManon-Kundig-13
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КОЛЕКЦІЇ ВИПУСКНИКІВ Stockholm’s Beckmans College на фоні “БАРВ ПОДІЛЛЯ”

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Young designers contests

Young designers needs not only financial, but also informational support. Their works require context, which make collection appropriate and noticeable for their potential buyers, customers, fashion critics. Good starting platform for young designers for young designers are different designer’s competitions.

The level of competition determines by the jury, the prize fund and, mostly, by all presenting collections and overall visual impression – pictures from runway.

About global competition of young designers from LVMH, Kering, H&M you can read in my post for MOONSTORE (LOOK HERE).

Post about the Ukrainian international competition of young designers “Pecherski Kashtany” is here. I can only add some pictures of semi-finals and final of this contest. I’m very interesting, what are yours impressions?DSC_0298




DSC_0182 (2)

DSC_0196 (2)













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