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Aristides Vanis


Aristides Vanis is London based Greek designer. Having background in theatrical costume and cinema, Aristides created unique and eye catching prints for clothes. Caricatures, animals and food was the main inspiration of his creations his 2014 graduate MA collection.Aristides-Vanis-2013-Graduate-Collection-3

Inge Jacobsen



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OFF schedule at Lviv Fashion Week

DSC_01093Lviv Fashion Week is one of the best fashion  events in Ukraine. The last FW 2016 season held April 24 – 27. Off  schedule shows include collections by Natalia Ligorova, Kira Algina, Anton Yaroshchyk. All are young and talanted designers from Belarus.DSC_0027.JPG

Natalia Ligorova showed very interesting menswear – good quality and unexpected textiles. It’s a pity, my photoes can’t convey the textures of materials:DSC_0055.JPG

Kira Algina showed dynamic black & white urbanistic collection with interesting prints:DSC_0078

The Anton Yaroshchyk’s collection was dedicated to the white crow as a symbol of freedom. This collection was the most imaginative of the three and has beautiful accessories, handmade  by Anton himself:DSC_00271.jpg


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Найкраща колекція LVIV FASHION WEEK FW 2016/2017

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Tetiana Chorna’s presentation “At the beginning was the body”

DSC_0045Yesterday very talented Ukrainian designer Tetiana Chorna has presented her new line of acsessoires “At the beginning was the body”. Different body parts (arms, ears and even collarbone) Tetiana formed from leather.

DSC_0018DSC_0041DSC_0047DSC_0042The show was conceptual: models in white clothes posed with detached faces and finally formed the picture of the couple, lying in embraces. It was the victory of body, it was art.


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Fashion monsters from Manon Kündig

Manon Kündig, 2012
Manon Kündig studied at l’Ecole d’Arts Appliqués de La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. Afterwards she entered the Fashion Department at the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, where she graduated with honour in 2012. Her work shows a fascination for the human kind in general, popular culture, passions of all sorts, craftsmanship, digital media and sarcasm. It is based on technical and practical research, which among others resulted in inflatable latex garments, hand-marbled silk, sculptural shoes and maniacal ornamentation. Manon Kundig

Manon has an ambiguous relation to fashion, driven to catharsis by the all girl collective LVMM, with which she performs in happenings. Their work deals with happiness and exposure, and blurs the relation between artist and public, stage and crowd.6a00d83451f3fc69e2017615820e1f970c-800wiManon-Kundig-13
Text from http://www.notjustalabel.com


КОЛЕКЦІЇ ВИПУСКНИКІВ Stockholm’s Beckmans College на фоні “БАРВ ПОДІЛЛЯ”

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