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Melanie Gaydos


The fashion world is celebrating diversity: models that divert from the outdated ideas of conventional beauty are very popular. Melanie Gaydos is among the new faces leading the charge. She is 28-year-old and ‘unique’ due to her rare genetic disorder called ectodermal dysplasia, which has prevented her teeth, pores, nails, cartilage and bones from developing.melanie-gaydos-is-one-of-the-many-models-challenging-normative-standards-of-beauty-body-image-1501595146.jpg

Gaydos refuses to wear dental implants or a wig because she is “more comfortable with myself how I am”.

Melanie has more than 121,000 followers on Instagram, says that social media has provided ‘a diary or platform for people to really express themselves however they may like’5935b0f91d00004600cc1409





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Fashion inspiration: Peggy Moffitt

the-many-faces-of-peggy-moffitt-osp-canvasPeggy Moffitt (born  1940) is American model and actress, who’s unique look has become iconic of the 60s fashion.  Peggy worked very closely with fashion designer Rudi Gernreich. She developed a signature Pop Art style with asymmetrical hair cut (created by Vidal Sassoon) and Kabuki-like makeup.1 Pierre Cardin Dresspeggy026-peggy-moffitt-theredlistpeggy-moffitt-in-rudi-gernreich-dress-from-the-siamese-collection-1968-large.jpgagernreichf247Georgina-Goodman-Love-Shoes-and-Other-Stories-Rudi-Gernrich-Peggy-Moffittpeggy-moffitt-23tumblr_mohadvkCBd1stendbo1_400peggy_moffittPeggy-Moffitt

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