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Photography by Madame Peripetie

Madame-Peripetie-3Very cool photography by Madame Peripetie – London-based image maker Sylwana Zybura. She makes series of portraits of imaginary characters, whose features are replaced by flowers or other objects while their bodies are covered with bizarre garments and colours. With her surreal pictures Madame Peripetie has won several prestigious photography awards.4-dream-sequence-sylwana-zybura-yatzer Madame-Peripetie-14 Madame-Peripetie-5 2013_MADAME_PERIPETIE_COUNTERFEIT_WEB 98-dream-sequence-sylwana-zybura-yatzer 5-dream-sequence-sylwana-zybura-yatzer 18-dream-sequence-sylwana-zybura-yatzer

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Photoset By Viktor Lavrov

A series of photographs by Victor Lavrov: forest, snow and me.

Серія світлин від Віктора Лаврова: ліс, сніг і я.

Серия фотографий от Виктора Лаврова: лес, снег и я.

мирко февраль 133 мирко февраль 146 мирко февраль 210 мирко февраль 152 мирко февраль 188 мирко февраль 110 мирко февраль 105

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