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Ad campaign of Lviv Fashion Week SS 2014

24174656_480666055666943_3752190514288678070_nPhoto shooting for advertising campaign of Lviv Fashion Week SS 2014 with Marta Wachholz clothes.23916005_480666009000281_8373221404259549552_n


Style: Olena Boldyreva
Photo: Andriy Goncharenko
Make-up: Olha Yankovska
Model: Solomia Savka (LFWmodels)
Одяг: Marta Wachholz
Production: Weseem production


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Marta Wachholz + Pablo Picasso

вахпісассMarta Wachholz is one of the best Ukrainian designers. Marta’s FW 2017 preview photoes reminded me of a Picasso painting.  I don’t know why ))




1719181231853753_5437596399039907504_nThe fashion show of Marta Wachholz’s FW 2017 collection will be the final at Lviv Fashion Week, March 26

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LVIV FASHION WEEK осінь-зима 2017 пройде 23-26 березня

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LESIA SEMI SS 2017: “Paint your life”


The motto of the Lesia Semi SS 2017 collection is “Paint your life”.  The entire collection is a reflection of the rhythm in which we live, with its ups and downs. The main idea is a revival and returning to the joy of life. Therefore designer use natural colors and materials, clean lines and shapes.

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Vyshyvanka by Chernikova at Lviv Fashion Week fw 2016/2017

DSC_0338The new collection by Lubtsia Chernikova was shown march 25 at Lviv Fashion Week fw 2016/2017.DSC_0337.JPGCollection entitled “Today”, because today is a moment between the past and the future, it’s what happens now: we get up in the morning and go to bed at night, between this we try to achieve our goals and become happy. Today is a time to act.DSC_0221DSC_0230DSC_0238DSC_0270DSC_0293DSC_0280DSC_0317DSC_0327DSC_0361
The main motives of the Chernikova’s collection are two most popular types of Ukrainian embroidery – Poltava and Borshchiv vyshyvanka, which are unique folk artifacts, well known abroad. This season the designer tried to interpret and revive this traditions in its collection, using homespun hemp and linen, suede, velvet, silk, cotton, wool, fur decorated with natural cotton lace and velvet ribbon.


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українські мотиви

OFF schedule at Lviv Fashion Week

DSC_01093Lviv Fashion Week is one of the best fashion  events in Ukraine. The last FW 2016 season held April 24 – 27. Off  schedule shows include collections by Natalia Ligorova, Kira Algina, Anton Yaroshchyk. All are young and talanted designers from Belarus.DSC_0027.JPG

Natalia Ligorova showed very interesting menswear – good quality and unexpected textiles. It’s a pity, my photoes can’t convey the textures of materials:DSC_0055.JPG

Kira Algina showed dynamic black & white urbanistic collection with interesting prints:DSC_0078

The Anton Yaroshchyk’s collection was dedicated to the white crow as a symbol of freedom. This collection was the most imaginative of the three and has beautiful accessories, handmade  by Anton himself:DSC_00271.jpg


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Найкраща колекція LVIV FASHION WEEK FW 2016/2017

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