Fashion Deconstruction


The term deconstruction has been used to describe the rebellion against traditions: rethinking of the conceptual and non-conceptual foundations of the western tradition.  Deconstruction in fashion is evident in unfinished, coming apart, recycled, transparent and grungeas garments. It is the literal dismantling of clothes in order to destroy fashion.deconstructed-denim


A paradox of fashion deconstruction is that destroying becomes a process of analytical creation.Deconstruction in fashion is an attempt to associate with anti fashion, recession, zeitgeist, eco-fashion. Eco-deconstruction means making recycling fashionable. It could also represent the fallibility of mass/machine-produced clothing by leaving gaping holes and shreds.ximon-lee


Deconstruction reminds us of the different perceptions of each individual of the world. Rei Kawakubo, Martin Margiela, Ann Demeulemeester and Dries Van Noten are the most popular fashion designers in the deconstruction category.091ed7e4c8e8cb3c34a87f6483ca78b7




Фешн-ілюстрації Річарда Кілроя

Sincerely Yours,

Myroslav Melnyk )


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