All about my book “Fashion Industry”


I wrote a book. A lot time ago – at 2011 was the first edition, at 2013 – the second one: Myroslav Melnyk. The Fashion industry – (Мельник М. Т. Індустрія моди. Навчальний посібник. — К.: Видавництво Ліра-К, 2013. — 264 с. (ISBN 978-966-2609-29-5) – Melnyk M. T. Industriia mody. Navchalnyi posibnyk. — K.: Vydavnytstvo Lira-K, 2013. – 264 pp.(ukrainian)).

In my book, I consider the fashion as the particular scope, with it’s own principals, patterns and rules. I analize the basic scientific concepts of fashion, espessially economical concept: fashion is the specific accelerator of goods mass production and consumption.

In my book, I provide the most important definitions, that describes fashion industry, it’s structure and functioning. I defer trends and tendencies, Couture and Luxury, boutique and concept store.

I describe the Fashion Pyramid, the process of trend forecasting and possibilities of intellectual property protection in fashion industry.

My book analyzes the processes of material maintenance of fashion production, fashion goods producing, distributing and retailing.

The last chapter is devoted to the functioning of the beauty industry in the context of the fashion industry. Also, I cite specific examples of practices of successful producers: from Charles Worth to Shiseido.
The second edition of my “Fashion Industry” was recommended by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports as a textbook for university students (the letter №1 / 11-1865 of 13.02.12)

Table of Content

Chapter I. Fashion industrialization.
Appendix 1. Fashion business of Charles Worth.

Chapter II. Creative and intellectual components of Fashion Industry.
Appendix 2. Chanel in the fashion and beauty industry.

Chapter III. Fashion trends forecasting.
Appendix 3. Forecasts of trends for the spring-summer 2010.

Chapter IV. Fashion products designing.
Appendix 4. Louis Vuitton: the mass production of luxury.

Chapter V. Legal protection of intellectual property in the fashion industry.
Appendix 5. Business strategies of Ralph Lauren

Chapter VI. Material maintenance of fashion production.
Appendix 6. Design Innovations of Sonia Delaunay 149

Chapter VII. Production segment of fashion industry.
Appendix 7. Business innovations of Christian Dior

Chapter VIII. Trading segment of fashion industry.
Appendix 8. Ukrainian fashion brand “Michail Voronin”

Chapter IX. Auxiliary segment of fashion industry.
Appendix 9. Higher Fashion protection by Chambre Syndicale
de la Haute Couture.

Chapter X. The beauty industry in the context of fashion industry.
Appendix 10. Shiseido – Japanese global beauty leader

Bibliography contents 70 points.


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Sincerely Yours,

Myroslav Melnyk )


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