“A Little Chaos” – NAVRO ss 2016 collection

1014470_10201213600258240_7341465632269401148_nThe collection “A Little Chaos” by Ukrainian designer Olga Navrotska was inspired by the novels of Jane Austen, the gardens of the Louvre, and a 2014 British period drama film directed by Alan Rickman.Kate-Winslet-a-little-chaos-3-15Apr15-pr

The first working title of the collection was “The pride and prejudice”, and therefore the dresses and suits vere named like female characters of the novel. Elizabeth, Jane, Georgiana …

“Pride and Prejudice” (1995)
Navro ss 2016
Navro ss 2016
Navro ss 2016

Last summer designer visited the gardens of the Louvre and it added her an inspiration. Later came the film “A Little Chaos” with Kate Winslet, which talked about the first architect woman, who has made “a little chaos” in rigor and the order of the Louvre gardens. Designer realized it was the perfect name for the collection, which has a 70th, 90th, velvet, flowers, willow, bird, winged unicorns and the sun with the months.VBO_9689

Removing the Navro’s campaign,  Olga Navrotska wanted to add a bit of provocation in the romantic mood of the collection and acted out the story of  Jack London “Little Lady of the Big House”.  In general, NAVRO ss 2016 is a fantasy, designer’s associative array, which arose under different circumstances and inspired by classical literature and women’s histories.

I think, it’s very trendy of the spring-summer 2016, because the same romantism we can find in the Alexander McQeen’s and Gucci’s collections:_ARC0515

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