Kozaks of the XXI century

Giorgiana GiuroiuGiorgiana Giuroiu presented her collection on the catwalk of the  graduation show of Fashion Department at University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca in 2014. With her futuristic kozaks  Giorgiana succeeded to make a strong impression. Her collection titled Folcloriada stood out through the originality of the inspiration source, the novelty in interpreting a traditional theme and the innovative materials introduced.

Despite the similarity with the Ukrainian Kozaks, the collection has its roots in Romanian folklore and the title refers to a “healing” journey meant to recover the authentic values of cultural heritage. In many ways, this collection epitomizes designer’s personal quest, that moved from her passion of studying specific elements of Romanian traditional costume (headpieces, peasant coats, masks and belts) to the challenge of converting them into comprehensive contemporary outfits. The ironic twist also helped a lot.

The clothing ensembles resulted from this creative experiment succeeded to integrate folk elements in contemporary style, abstracting the traditional costume silhouette and proposing new solutions for the textile surfaces. The techno shepherds on the catwalk wore outfits made out of quilted plastic filled with raw wool, holographic leather jackets, impressive belts and handmade knitwear paired with sneakers and metallic leggings.

Below, there are  a few images from Giorgiana Giuroiu graduating collection at University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca (2014).DSC_0378Giorgiana GiuroiuDSC_0284Giorgiana GiuroiuDSC_0317DSC_0406Giorgiana Giuroiu

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