Old time photos with Ukrainian national costumes

Some photos, gathered from many different sources

Леся украинкаThe old photos always touched and inspired me. They always ask the question: who were these people? How they lived?

Girl from Lviv, Ukraine in regional folk dress and beads. 1880 Kiev, c. 1890. Photo by the studio of V. Vysotsky Батьки Сержа Лифаря. Фото зроблене 1900 року в Києві або у Каневі volodarsky-7new-dop3

Old time photos with Ukrainian national costumes are very special for me. They show us how Ukrainians loved and appreciated their traditional culture through different times and circumstances.

1914 vv 30009a pic-L-E-Lemko coupleTaxuimwOick Teodozij and Kateryna Dulia, 1915 Дівчата 1920-роки.Село Кропивна на Черкащині

150_5_1_1242738031 1321120265_pac006 1925 рік30007c30008d ukraina-90-12 325827 1969-Sophi Loren на полтавщиніAt the top photo is movie star Sophia Loren during her visit to Poltava Region for shooting the film “Sunflower” (1970). Pictured below – frame from the film “Chervona Ruta” (1971).Sofiarotaruchervonaruta1

На зйомках фільму «Червона рута» вверху художник по костюмах  Алла Дутківська 1970 смерічкаtumblr_n3pshoOnGe1ruxyxdo1_400 tumblr_n3pshoOnGe1ruxyxdo7_400 tumblr_n3pshoOnGe1ruxyxdo9_40053a68c557dda5453a9a5c5fbea8c6a22

Pictures belov – covers of Ukrainian fashion magazine “Krasa i Moda” (“Beauty &Fashion”) – for more look here.DSC_0002DSC_0079Today, at the beginning of 21-st century, we also can see how styling and some elements of traditional Ukrainian dress enrich contemporary fashion and raise the patriotic spirit of Ukrainians – majestic nation with very uneasy history. And also strong nation with very beautiful traditional costumes…


Sincerely Your’s,

Myroslav Melnyk )


Chernikova на Lviv Fashion Week весна-літо 2015лого-274


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