Your niche for fashion blogging: 7 tips

Some advices from MODOSLAV about finding your unique niche for succesful fashion bloggingarticle-2574673-1C15581800000578-516_634x452

1. Identify what’s important to you. First of all, your blog is about you and you must enjoy, writing it. Select some particular fields, which are interesting for you: Accessoires, Haute Couture, Sport Fashion, Fashion History etc.

2. Study the sites you admire: Take a closer look at the sites you visit regularly. What keeps you coming back? What is missing at that sites? What can you make better?

3. Identify your strengths:  What are you the best at: writing, photography, photoshoping, can you make genious collages?

4. Think about the one topic that you could write the best. What are the subtopics that will support your topic?

What kind of blog’s navigation menu do you want?

5. Choose an angle: the angle could be “How to wear it” or tackling everything with humor or with angry criticism – just try to be consistent with it.

6. Post regularly and analize the statistic of your blog: what content is the most popular? what else you can suggest to your regular readers?

7. Create a mission statement for your blog: Take inspiration from your favorite brands, who often have a mission statement. Define, in writing, your goal. This will give you something you can always look back to and remind yourself what your blog is for.

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Sincerely yours,

Modoslav – Myroslav Melnyk )


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