How to make your fashion blog successful

Every fashionista can have a blog, but good fashion blog is a scarcity.

How to make it interesting and successful?

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1. Determine the purpose of your blogging. You have to know yourself well enough to start your blog. You have to know what works for you and what against you. Why do you decide to have a fashion blog? What do you want to tell / show your readers? How will your blog differ from everyone else’s? Why your blog will be interesting to other? You must be honest to yourself and look at your idea soberly.

2. Find your audience. If you know who they are, you can determine why they’re clicking. Consider which aspect of fashion invest your audience most. You can make some research using your e-mail or socail media list, asking your potential audience about what they search for, read, and share. Also it will be useful to search for key phrases related to your blog, and scan for the leading blogs. Follow those blogs on social media, paying close attention to who is engaging with their online community and how they interact with each other.

3. Generate interesting content. High-quality content really is the most important thing. Find a topic that you’re knowledgeable and interested in and create some engaging content, answering questions that people want answers to. Once you have your topic, you have to share it in the communities: Twitter chats, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Google+ communities, Instagram hashtags, etc.


4. Take care about SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) is not a dark art designed to game the search system, it’s just about figuring out what your audience is looking for, and meeting that need. If you understand SEO, you can help search engines like Google direct more traffic to your blog by highlighting keywords that users are likely to search for. You need to include keywords in your headline, URL and hyperlinks — all things search engines scour to find the best content for users. Don’t forget to name your images with keywords because Google’s spiders also crawl image titles. It also helps your SEO if other blogs link back to your work via the aptly named backlink. Comment on well-established blogs in your topic area. This comments count as backlinks. Feature your relevant content. Include backlinks to your older pieces in new blog posts. You can feature these as bulleted related links or as in-text hyperlinks.

You can also make a longer blog posts, because the more content, the more there is for Google’s spiders to catch. 1,500 – 2000 words tends to be the best count to rank higher in Google searches. But, after all, it’s the content and not the length that will gain you highly valued backlinks and social shares.

5. Post frequently. There are no hard and fast rules for posting frequency. Some blogs publish multiple times a day and others only once a month, but experts and successful bloggers tend to be consistent. Set up a content calendar — whether that’s once a week or every Sunday — and stick to it so your readers know when to expect new material. Correlate length with frequency. Experts suggest for infrequent writers longer, well-researched posts.

6. Be visually inviting. Fashion blog design is very important. It shows your taste and style. Experts say that people respond better to a combination of visual and text information — with 40% of people responding better to visuals. Images get people to engage more with content. Photos also perform best for likes, comments and shares. If you use another’s photos, don’t forget to give the sites and photographers appropriate credit.fashionblog

7. Write catching headlines. Try to write headlines that intrigue your reader without forgetting important keywords. It can help to make a list of keywords you want to include and then brainstorming different ways to construct them into a snappy starter. Keep headline short. Search engines only consider so many characters before losing interest in your headline. Stick to what works. People love lists, questions, how-to explainers and being told what they’re doing wrong. But don’t commit a major blogging faux pas and trick visitors into reading your material without delivering on what the headline promises. You’ll lose readership and probably gain a few angry comments along the way.

8. Be a personality. If you have a personality and you showcase that personality, that’s the point of differentiation in fashion blogging.  D’not try to be someone you think everyone wants you to be. Be genuine. Always stay yourself and do not chase money or fame. If you are doing what you love, money will follow.

9. Promote yourself and your blog. Use social networks for various times during the day. Use the hashtags your audience speaks in their social media community to attract new readership. Develop a Twitter list of influencers in your area and engage with them to promote cross sharing. But, don’t just promote your new content. Set up automated scheduled tweets to draw readers to older, relevant content as well.


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