The art of fashion at GOGOLFEST-2014


Changing our ideas about the usual things is one of the modern art functions. The Ukrainian art festival Gogolfest 2014 (Kiev, September 11 – 21) will present a clothes as an object of art: team of young designers, leading by Polina Veller, will change the way we think about clothes.

Polina Veller is known for her works for the Pechersk Plastic Drama Theatre and Dach Daughters band. The basis of her creative style is the combination of different textures, complicated colours, unusual materials, multistage constructions.

31 12132Within Residence at GOGOLFEST-2014, Polina has already conducted a series of workshops on making art costumes using the original techniques: riveting, soldering and stapling. Using vinyl and plastic, artificial grass and mesh, Polina’s team created unusual forms – not always functional, but aesthetically expressive.

According to the organizers’ plans, the best costumes will be presented at the opening сeremony of GOGOLFEST-2014 and other performances during the festival.DSC_0143 DSC_0027

We hope, that such bold creative experiments will help to move our fashion forward. Young Ukrainian fashion must be expressive to present the country internationally. So, with GOGOLFEST everything is just beginning!

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Найяскравіша колекція конкурсу «Печерські каштани» – 2014

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